Vision & Mission

We care about people, planet and prosperity. We believe that by creating innovative, sustainable products, technologies and businesses, we can help our clients be both profitable and sustainable.


SILAB has significant research and consultancy experience across a range of topics, disciplines, industries and types of projects.

Each SILAB expert has more than 20 years experience in environmental consultancy in different countries.

SILAB has built unrivalled understanding of the policy and business dimensions of innovation for triple bottom line sustainability.

SILAB can engage stakeholders - including business, governments, NGOs and academics - in a number of fields, including climate change, eco-city concepts, sustainable innovation and clean tech.

SILAB has built a diversified multinational network of highly experienced and qualified experts that can be brought into projects where knowledge is lacking or if there is an increase in project workloads.

Global network: SILAB has a presence in many countries with a combined knowledge base that SILAB can leverage to the advantage of clients. Our consultants are available to speak at conferences around the globe.